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SILICONWOOD GmbH is a new company with old hands who know the ropes. Fun fact: if you work for us, you get your own wall lamp :)




Our (alphabetically sorted) luminaires:

Frau Battke

Mrs Battke

Trainee media designer image/sound

Focal points: Studio support, camera, post-production, virtual production and 3D design

First name: Johanna
Phone: +49 2151 1508073
Mail: j.battke@siliconwood.de

Herr Brass

Mr Brass

Managing Director SILICONWOOD GmbH

Specialisations: Concept, creation, camera, virtual production and post-production

First name: Christof
Phone: +49 2151 1508074
Mail: c.brass@siliconwood.de

Herr Cladders

Mr Cladders

Managing Director SILICONWOOD GmbH

Focal points: Creation, audio design, studio technology, virtual production and post-production

First name: Peter
Phone: +49 2151 1508073
Mail: p.cladders@siliconwood.de

Herr Sons

Mr Sons

Managing Director SILICONWOOD GmbH

Main focus: Software design, software development, Unreal™ coding and content management

First name: Oliver
Phone: +49 2151 1508075
Mail: o.sons@siliconwood.de